Dazzling Designs of the Past

I reached 50 followers while I was gone and I am extremely thankful for that! I will be trying to post something whenever I have free time. Anyways, today I went to the Museum at FIT and I had the opportunity to see samples of clothing that many individuals don't have the chance to view in person. Of course I took a few pictures! I learned so many things and I thought it would be interesting to share with you guys.

 Above is a dress from the 1920s. This is an example of evening wear during this time period. The gowns were heavily-beaded and were not fitted to the body.
The dress above is from the 1950s. It was designed by Christian Dior who played a huge role in 1950s fashion. During this period, matching was extremely fashionable. This dress came with a matching turban, pair of heels, and shawl. 
The wool suit was designed by Chanel in the mid-1950s. They had no emphasis on the waist and there was a shorter hemline. The famous gold chain on Coco Chanel's suits was once hidden. It was not an accessory like it is today. These gold chains were originally made to weigh the suit down. This ensured that it would fit woman's body well. As time progressed the chains became lighter and more visible.
 This vibrant dress was made by Oscar de la Renta in the 1960s. This was a time period of futuristic designs and youthful street-style. The 60s is well-known for famous designers beginning to experiment with synthetics. 
This is a green evening suit created by Valentino in the 80s. If you can not tell from the picture, the 80s is famous for shoulder pads. The individual leading the presentation at FIT said many jackets had Velcro on the inside of the shoulders and woman would change the size of the shoulder pads depending on their mood. This was a period of many options for woman. Japanese designers began to become famous for their asymmetrical pieces.
The lively dress of the 90s that is shown above was made by Anna Sui. The three women on the dress were based off the space-inspired clothing of the 1960s. The women are drawn wearing goggles. This dress fit very tightly against a woman's body.


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