Look Divine in Denim

Another trend for the fall I'm really excited about is the denim jacket. I've been seeing many celebrities rocking it lately. It is definitely one of the main items on my back to school shopping list. I'm really picky about which denim jacket I will wear though. It needs to be the perfect fit and wash. Otherwise, you look like you are from the 80s. Below are a few of my favorites!

Revolve Clothing - $189

Levi's - $78

J.Crew - $128

Styling denim jackets is very simple! The one look I hate is denim on denim. In my opinion, it looks very tacky. So below, I put together outfits that show how to make the denim jacket look sophisticated.

Mango Denim Jacket - $60, Emma Flamingo Jeggings - $94, Target Flats - $15, Mango Tank - $15

Mango Denim Jacket - $60, Mango Maxi-Skirt - $60, Mango Tank - $15, Fiorentini Baker Boots - $450


Ni brujas ni princesas said...

Me gusta mucho las cazadoras, son atemporales y combinan con todo, besos ana.

Lulu said...

I really like the coral/pink colored maxi skirt combination. Great post. I am now following your blog. You should check out mine and if you like it follow me as well :)


Ashley said...

I'm so excited to wear my denim jacket this fall too!!! Love all the inspiration for how to wear it! Just stumbled upon your blog and I adore it. Following now xx


Anonymous said...

i love your blog!!! i followed!! check out my blog????

Sophie said...

I loveee that skirt!



TheMaiBug said...

Demin jackets are back? YAY - I can finally dig mine out!


Sasha said...

I love that second outfit the maxi skirt is lovely!
please check out my blog I'm just starting out :)

Kim said...

Toller Blog und schöne Bilder! :)
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Liebste Grüße! (:

Elfena said...

I love it!Nice blog. What about following each other?

Helena said...

Nice design! :)
I'm now following you, follow me back? :) x


Anna and Klaudia said...

Great selection! I'm following you now :)


sadee said...

never wore pink pnt but it looks amazing love your blog and following you now love if you follow me back

Unknown said...

I have to agree, i don't really like the denim on denim look especially if the denims are different colours!
Great outfit though!

Charlotte Xx

Lucy said...

They're so pretty. I got one from Forever 21 :)

Also I've nominated/ given you a Liebster Award...you may have heard of them, a kind of recognition for up-and-coming bloggers...It's like a Tag and you're supposed to answer questions then pass it on. I dunno but I thought it was cute


That's where i've written about it :)

Jess said...

Hi dear!
I've a new post on my blog, if you want read it!

xoxo Effy

Sanzibell said...

great jackets :)

Lieben Gruß

Anonymous said...

Me gusta mucho la cazadora con la falda larga.
Un besote :)

Lizzie said...

You gotta love denim! It can make any outfit look great!

Katta said...


Unknown said...

i adore the fist outfit! awesome picks :) XO

Unknown said...

love this! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

mintyessence said...

I love this post, makes me want to spend spend spend...



Lisa said...

love all of them <3

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U have a lovely blog
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ADesign said...

Following u back sweet ^^

jackffy said...

Nice post and blog! (;

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Love, Jackffy

Unknown said...

I love the sets you made, and the pics.. so great

CiWi said...

naawww... I really love the mix of denim jacket, maxi- skirt and boots ♥

Great blog, I follow you now :-)


Hugs and Kisses

daria-fashion said...

great stuff!! i love denim!!
your blog is soo nice what do u think about following each other?

Lorena Pizzo said...

ti seguo e spero ricambierai...

Daisy said...

you're so right it looks really awesome!! :)

x Daisy


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